Here's a quick explanation of the science behind pricing. First off- Amount of hours-Materials -Labor and thedifficulty of the artistic proccess = Price. Let's begin, the first picture above is single  musician underneath a street lamp. It's power and solitary in nature-yet it was pretty easy to produce so I have no problem letting it go a reasonable price...about $40.00. Second piece above is a multicolored " Jam Session" style painting, It's bright and energetic and has a lot of lighting elements that bring a certain depth to it and has a certain level of challenge to it so I price these types of painting around $50.00 on up. The third piece above is a facial painting done with a pallet knife and requires a lot of GALLERY GRADE PAINT and artistic skill to execute its on 18x24 traditional canvas and and goes for about $170.00. The fourth painting below is a larger and very costly to produce but not that  labor intensive to pull off so I priced it at $400.00 Lastly the final piece on the bottom falls into the FINE ART category its painted on 48x36 gallery stock and is both oil and acrylic this took TWO DAYS(on and off) and a level to make sure it was centered and about a year (on and off) to complete. So I priced it at $2000.00. Which is a steal for the " Average" art customer -however it does'nt hurt to do a litle homework first to make your selection proccess easier. If there are any other questions I can answer for you drop me a line.